Dear People of God,

posted Dec 24, 2014, 7:38 AM by Shannon Vietmeier
"Christ is Christmas!"

As Meg and I left my in-laws home Saturday evening after a full day of Christmas cookie baking, we passed with this sign out front: "Christ is Christmas!" And there is nothing more true than this! Oh, I understand that retail superstores and department shops don't want you to think that! I understand that the lights, glitter, and wrapping might try to hide the true meaning of this holy day (the origin of "holiday"). But Christ will not--can not--be pushed out of this important celebration. 
In fact, this is why he came in the first place! The love of God the Father was so compelling, that he could not keep himself from giving himself in his totality to us. And so, he did it in a form that we could comprehend. God sent the Son. And this why Christ will not be removed from this holiday. He comes to us, barging into our human existence, our daily lives, born of a human mother, to bring His Kingdom to us (Mark 1:15) - full of peace (Isaiah 9:6); full of grace & truth (John 1:14). Thanks be to God!

Merry Christmas! 
Pastor Culynn & Meg