Dear Friends in Christ -

posted Jul 11, 2016, 2:13 PM by Shannon Vietmeier
What a week it has been! Social media has had a lot to say; As I was preparing to lead the service on Sunday, one of our members (who is also a former pastor) said to me, "Tell them to follow Jesus. If you think you have to be a leader, things won't go well. That goes for pastors as well, ya know. Just follow Jesus and stay on that track."

In the drama from Acts on Sunday, Paul urged the community at Pisidian Antioch to "continue in the grace of God." As we live into the next days and weeks together let me offer a few thoughts (from my sermon yesterday): 
1) Remember that we all belong to Jesus; every person is one for whom Christ died. 2) We need human connection. Parents, guide your children through these issues appropriately and shut off the TV. Those of you from the older generation, remind us that this isn't the first time that scary things have happened and that God is faithful (he has been and will be). 3) Turn off the narratives of hatred and violence, and open your Bible. Our lives need to be centered on the story of Scripture and the saving acts of God. 4) Pray a lot: This isn't a last ditch effort to convince God to show up; instead it is an honest means by which we lament and commend our world to the King of heaven and earth. 5) Finally, come back next week - because gathering on the Sabbath, to hear God's Word is what God's people do. 

Let me add one more thing: On Wednesday night at 6:00pm, our WOW service will be a prayer service for the nation. Please join us as we walk through Good Friday and Easter through Scripture, song, and prayer. 

Praying for You this week!
Pastor Culynn

To prepare for worship this Sunday
(July 17), you are invited to read:
    Acts 15:1-35
    Luke 10:38-42