Dear Friends in Christ -

posted Aug 5, 2014, 8:49 AM by Unknown user
Last week, Meg and I were on vacation in Seattle.  In the heart of the city is the Pike Place Market - an open air market full of fresh flowers, vibrant vegetables, and succulent fruit; not to mention, fresh fish markets where the fish fly through the air. This past weekend, we heard from Isaiah who was also standing in an ancient marketplace and was inviting others to come to a market where everything is free. Yes! Water, milk, wine, and bread - the essentials to every meal were given away without a price. That doesn't mean that everything was free, but instead, God had paid the price so that others could enjoy the riches of God's abundance. 
Week in and week out, our corporate worship teaches us the importance of this prophecy. God invites us to the waters of baptism; He enter into the market of God's mercy through confession and forgiveness; We hear God's Word which challenges and comforts us;  and we partake in the feast and foretaste of heaven. All this is God's gracious gift to us through the suffering, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.
Thank you for the time away and thank you for stepping up and leading and serving our congregation in my absence. I have heard nothing but great things; and it is an important reminder to all of us that our ministry is about every single person's participation! Surely, we cannot do this ministry without you, but more importantly, we cannot do it with God and his crazy, outrageous, and abundant mercy!
Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ - 
Pastor Culynn
P.S.  Don't forget to look for the #notsoordinarythingshclc in your life!  
To prepare for worship this Sunday
(August 10), you are invited to read:
     Job 38:4-18
     Romans 10:5-17

     Matthew 14:22-33