Dear Friends in Christ -

posted Jul 28, 2014, 1:43 PM by Unknown user
While our congregation marked another Country Music Festival, Meg and I had the joy of attending my sister's wedding! Weddings are such beautiful things. We unite families and gather our friends together to celebrate two people and the love that they share. Most of the time, however, I tell my couples that I don't care much for weddings;   care a lot more about "Life after Wedding." Uniting families, shared dreams, and different visions for our lives is really important work, really valuable work, but it can be hard work too.  
The same is true for our life of faith. We can celebrate the baptism of a child, and we can be glad when we or another person have a mountaintop experience with the Living Lord Jesus Christ. But most days, like many marriages, we experience the mundane and ordinary stuff of life. It is important to continue to invite God into those times also. And what you may discover is that He is already there. God looks forward to seeing you wake up every day, spend time in His Word, lay your thanksgiving and concerns at his feet in prayer. Open your eyes and your hearts as you experience the everyday things of life - God is right in the middle of them! And he's glad to be your God!
Have a Great Week!
Pastor Culynn 
P.S.  Don't forget to look for the #notsoordinarythingshclc in your life!  
To prepare for worship this Sunday
(August 3), you are invited to read:
     Isaiah 55:1-5
     Romans 9:1-13

     Matthew 14:13-21