Dear Friends in Christ-

posted Jul 3, 2017, 4:07 PM by Shannon Vietmeier
On Sunday, we heard how the Devil prowls around, taking us captive to his deceptions and leading us astray from the truth of God's Word. He often does it by making us too busy to prioritize God's Word. Or he tries to busy us with other churchy practices so that we think we can create our own destiny in the things of faith. 
Thankfully, the Holy Spirit alone creates faith through the Word of God. Recently, a Gallup poll came out declaring that people care more about the preaching they hear at church than any other aspect of the community (i.e. - music, fellowship, the coffee, etc.) When I read that, I only thought to myself, "Duh! That's what we Lutherans have been trying to say all along." God's Word, both written and proclaimed unites us with Christ through faith, forgives our sins, and confirms our eternal accommodations in him. 
Preaching the Word - 
Pastor Culynn
P.S. I hope that you have enjoyable celebrations for the Fourth of July. I encourage you to join us for our WOW service at 6:00p on Wednesday or check out the sermon on YouTube. 

To prepare for worship this Sunday
July 9), you are invited to read:
John 12:44-50
Galatians 3:10-18