Dear Friends in Christ -

posted Aug 19, 2014, 6:30 AM by Unknown user
Many of you have been away on vacation, enjoying time with family and friends, and taking a little rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It is nice to get away. But you have probably discovered what I have (now that I am living an adult life) - it is a lot of work to prepare to leave, and the demands of life are waiting for us when we get back.  
In our Gospel reading on Sunday, Jesus was looking to get away, but his vacation was interrupted by a nagging outsider. He tried to deter her, but it didn't much matter - she kept after him. That's the beautiful thing about our God. He isn't bothered by our constant nagging. In fact, he is willing to have his vacation interrupted to meet our needs. Therefore, this week, I invite you to pray for the craziness of your own life (and preparing for the new routines of fall) and for the ongoing turmoil in the life of the world.
Praying with and for you - 
Pastor Culynn
Monday:  For all administration, teachers, staff, and students of our schools. May God strengthen, encourage, support, calm, and empower them to lead, teach, and learn in the coming year. (By the way, many students in SD went back to school today)
Tuesday:  For the city of Ferguson, MO, and the ongoing divisions of race in our country.
Wednesday:  For the ongoing conflict in Israel/Palestine; God send forth leaders who intervene on behalf of innocent civilians.
Thursday:  For the silent killings of Christians in Syria and Iraq.  We bless you for their witness, but demand justice for the freedom of expression in belief and practice. 
Friday:  For our own lives, the circumstances and situations and things in need of the mercy of God for our physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
Saturday:  For our government and the nations of world, that they would execute justice and peace on behalf of others.  
To prepare for worship this Sunday
(August 24), you are invited to read:
     Isaiah 51:1-6
     Romans 12:1-8

     Matthew 16:13-20