Dear Friends in Christ -

posted Oct 1, 2016, 6:39 AM by Shannon Vietmeier
I am writing to inform you that early this morning Jim Holt died after a long illness. Jim was a long-time member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church and a giant in the faith. He will be greatly missed. 

Last week when his illness was progressing, I had the privilege of meeting with him and some of his daughters. We shared communion and commended him to the care and keeping of Almighty God. Jim was aware that his death was near, but he had no pain and he was at peace knowing the Christ had won the victory over sin and death. Seeing in death the gate to eternal life, Jim now enters the Church Triumphant. The strife is over and the battle is won for Jim. We give thanks to God for allowing us to know Jim and share in our pilgrimage on earth and now we await the day of Resurrection. 

There is a strong chance that the service will take place on Sunday afternoon, October 9. Information will be sent when details are finalized. 

Please continue to pray for Jim's daughters, their families, and his many friends. 
Pastor Culynn