Dear Friends in Christ -

posted Apr 16, 2014, 4:11 AM by Unknown user
Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday with our own procession, waving palms and shouting "Hosanna!" It was a joyous day and a solemn day as we remember what Christ has done for us out of love. Our service Sunday ended with no benediction, because this week is one entire worship service, retelling Christ's Passover from death to life. At every turn, it would seem that the drama cannot be outdone. How will Palm Sunday's crowd and shouts of "Hosanna" ever be increased? How can Jesus show more love than washing our feet and feeding us with his own body and blood? It would seem that the dramatic finish is the dashing of dreams: Jesus the Messiah, crucified by Rome in a conspiracy with Jewish leaders. But…Sunday is coming.  
It is my hope that you will join us this week as we mark these important scenes in the story of God's salvation plan. Thursday's meal is at 7:00p; Good Friday's procession is at 7:00p here, and the "Shadows" Worship is at 7:30p at Bethlehem UCC.  Finally, God transforms the terrible to the unreal as Life bursts forth from the tomb on Sunday (6:45a, 8:00a, & 10:30a). Don't miss out on the greatest story ever told. 
Blessings during this Holiest of Weeks - 
Pastor Culynn