Dear Church,

posted Oct 29, 2014, 2:52 PM by Shannon Vietmeier
Over the last several weeks, I have noticed a considerable number of  children in worship! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to hear such energy inside our sanctuary. There is a buzz in the air, and that is a wonderful thing! A couple of thoughts for our congregation to consider:

1. Children will always be welcome in our sanctuary (if it’s up to me)! We are grateful for the faith they have, the energy they bring, and the noise they create. A sign of a healthy (and growing) church is the presence of children, youth, and families.

2. Worship and Church is a cross-generational experience! It isn’t often in our culture that we have 5 generations under one roof; but it does happen at our church! Parents of young children: There is no need to be embarrassed. Kids will be kids! We are in this together (that’s what COMMUNITY is all about).
A note to caring adults without children of your own: I encourage you to come alongside families with young children. Get to know these families… help them out… thank them for coming… encourage  them to return.

3. Remember that kids learn by example. Your active participation will also encourage their participation. Encourage them to fold their hands when we pray throughout the service. For reading-age kids, encourage their participation by following along in the bulletin and hymnal. During the passing of the peace and noisy offering—be as rambunctious as you wish; at other parts of the service, take time for silence and contemplation; it’s a noisy world out there - take some time away. Kids will follow your lead (most of the time)!

Thank you for being a church committed to sharing the Gospel with every generation! Thank you for sharing faith and life with each other!

We're having fun now!
Pastor Culynn
To prepare for worship this Sunday
(Nov. 2), you are invited to read:
     Revelation 7:9-17
     1 John 3:1-3
     Matthew 5:1-12