Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ -

posted Jul 14, 2014, 5:54 PM by Unknown user
This past weekend, a long-time Bible camp friend of mine married a faithful and fun-loving man in Monticello. Meg and I attended the wedding and connected with seven other friends from camp to celebrate this joyous occasion. The last time we were all together was August 2009 when we left the camp we served at together. Throughout the day on Saturday, I found myself pausing and looking around our table or the circle of us on the dance floor, and I kept thinking to myself about our summer hashtag project: #notsoordinarythingshclc.  On Sunday, four of these friends were able to come to worship and be part of our congregation as we worshiped the Lord Jesus Christ. They were excited about the ministry we are doing together and were amazed at how full the church was for the middle of summer.  
Yesterday, the church council met and had a very productive meeting. They spent time on the Long Range Planning Report (from 2012) and assessed where we were at, what we've done, and where we are headed. They looked at the upcoming ministry year (September to May) and are looking forward to where God is leading us in the power of His Spirit. I also had the joy of presiding at a renewal of marriage vows for the Galles'.  On top of all this excitement, one of my close seminary colleagues received word of a unanimous vote calling her to serve God's people at a congregation in Northwest Wisconsin.  
I hope that summer has allowed you some time to participate in some pretty ordinary things, but that you've taken the time to see and feel the presence of God in the midst of those things. We worship an extraordinary God who blesses us beyond measure, and for this we say, 
Thanks be to God!
Pastor Culynn 
P.S.  Don't forget to look for the #notsoordinarythingshclc in your life! 
To prepare for worship this Sunday
(July 20), you are invited to read:
   Isaiah 44:6-8
   Romans 8:18-27
   Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43